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Unlike traditional batteries, Prieto’s 3D structure interdigitates the cathode and the anode. Prieto has achieved a technology breakthrough with this architecture.

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Prieto Battery’s proprietary 3D battery technology directly equates to faster lithium-ion transfer that is thermally stable, and is made completely from water-based process.

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Fast-recharge, lithium-ion battery could be perfect for electric cars

The next-generation battery, like next-generation TV, may be 3-D, scientists report. They describe a new lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery, already available in a prototype version, with a three-dimensional interior architecture that could be perfect for the electric cars now appearing in auto dealer showrooms. Amy Prieto, Ph.D., is with Colorado State University.

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"The discovery of the next key breakthroughs in the (battery) field could mean not just a fortune for a handful of companies but the remaking of whole economies and the rebalancing of geopolitical power that typically accompanies such shifts."
     Foreign Policy, Nov 2010